Bye bye rain

How long has it been?
The raindrops, their sound, and watery touch, only bring your tears to mind.

When I thought you might be somewhere crying, I wondered if I could stop the rain with these hands.

What’s going on?
What’s wrong with my heart?
I see.
I may be able to comfort you, but I can’t get close enough to protect you.

What if what’s stop the rain isn’t me? And what if it’s not tears but sadness that summoned the rain, then will I in the future do as I have in the past?

What would cause you to be so sad that you have no more tears to shed?

Will I continue to live on without noticing these sad tears?
Was passion burning inside of a heart this calm?

Bye bye rain.
Even though I always wanted to be what cleared the rain, I’ve been undone.

Bye bye rain.
From now on, I’ll show you these hands can clear the rain.



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