Change: possible or impossible?

Suddenly this topic crossed my mind. Not really out of nowhere, but something that I’ve been struggling over the past few months now.

They say that we have to accept the thing that we can’t change, and change the thing we can’t accept.

But not unusual that we’ve encountered something we can’t accept, yet we can’t really do something about it too.
Doesn’t it make you frustrated? To realise that you’re powerless?

And knowing that it’s not because you’re scared to get out of the comfort zone, or lack of motivation, but believe it or not, something it’s just get out of hand and we’re in no position or power to do something about it.

Have you ever have this kind of feeling? I did, no I still do.
And at some point it really effect me to the extend that I am angry and agitated to myself for not being able to change the situation. Darn it, I want to! To try my best to make a difference.

Easier said than done, huh?
So, tell me this. If you’re in the same situation what will you do?

You will just accept and acknowledge the fact the situation sucks, nothing you can do about it and in the end just accept it? Go with the flow?

Or you will fight your arse off no matter what to try to change the situation, even just for a little bit?

How do you let go when every fiber of your soul is saying, “hold on and give it one more try”?



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