Let’s start the journey!

Greetings! Let’s get acquainted shall we? First thing first you should no about me, that I am extraordinary. And no, I am not exaggerating. I’ll let you find out about it yourself as we get along.

I have unraveled mind that sometimes giving me a hard time. There’s a reason why my mind playing tricks on me, but am not gonna bore you with that details for now either.

I started writing this blog because I need to tell my story, put it out there. Something is easier to be said in writing than tell in person. Especially mine.

Anyway, enough about me. Why don’t you give me something about you? After all it’s a two-way street, at least that’s what I want it to be!


P.S: oh, if you wonder who I am. I go by the name Inez 😉


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