The dark corner of my mind (1 of n)

It’s that dream again. What do people call it? Nightmares? But this one is nothing about ghosts or goblins.

It’s just a regular daily life activity about random person, close and unknown, with totally random settings and places. Again, some are familiar and some unknown.

So why the hell it bothered me so much? It scared the living soul out of me. Is it the person involved, the place, the settings, the plot or something that happened in that dream itself?

I couldn’t figure it out myself, but it wrecked my whole system. I got trouble sleeping and lead to insomnia. I am too afraid to sleep. I developed an anxiety attack every time I encountered the dream. And lately it became worse.

Why am I keep having this kind of dreams? What does it mean? Is it trying to tell me something? Something that I forgot, that I left behind on that deepest corner of my mind, wishing and hoping it’ll just stay there and keep quite?

Unfortunately, whatever it was, it came crawling back from that dark corner of my mind. And it refuses to be left there again. No more silence, it’s time to reveal the untold stories.



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