Holiday trip – Krabi (1 of n)

I am so psyched right now! Because I am going for a short-and-relaxing weekend to Krabi, Thailand! Woohoo!

As I entered 2013, I promised myself this year gonna be different, I will do something I didn’t get to do before. And one of the thing I promised that this year will be my travelling year!

I am born in Indonesia, and currently living in Singapore and that’s just how far I went so far. I always wants to travelling around the world! Meet new people from different country, different culture and just having the moment of your life!

Early this year, I went to Kuala Lumpur with my mom and sister. Still not very far, but it’s one more place I can stealth of my list.

Early March this year, I went for hiking trip to Mount Datuk, Malaysia. And just so you know I really fight all my natural instinct when I decided to go for it. I have acrophobia. And I would never ever think about going hiking! I can’t even stand by the edge of a balcony, let alone climbing a mountain. And yet I did it anyway! And I am so proud of myself! You can see some of the pictures I took during the trip below šŸ™‚





So this time, for just a short break, me and one of my friend will go to Krabi, Thailand. I am all packed and so ready to go tomorrow! This trip will be super fun!


I’ll update you later about my trip with lots of pictures of course! šŸ˜€



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