School girl with a pink bag (1 of n)

There’s something I’ve noticed recently on my way to work. Something that tickles me deep inside.

Every morning, I leave to work at 6.45 a.m and wait for the bus to go to the train station. Almost everyday, I see the same familiar faces that also start their activities around the same time. One of them is this little girl, maybe around 9-10 years old.

This girl is getting ready to go to school. With her pink bag filled with knowledge, she’s waiting for the same bus maybe with some level anxiety: when will the bus arrive? Will it just come earlier? I won’t be late for school, will I?

Maybe I also have that some level of anxiety. After all we all have our own schedule to follow, right?

But what I noticed about this girl at first is that she always looks so gloomy. There’s a frown. Then I just started wondering, “Why the long face? Is she alright?”.

I keep seeing her every morning at the same bus stop. And I see the same frowny face every day. I asked myself again: “Is it school over here really stressful? Look at the big bag, must be heavy. Is it the bag? Maybe it’s too heavy for her and she troubled it?”

Day by day my questions increasing. This girl really drawn my attention. There something about her, what is it exactly?



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