School girl with a pink bag (2 of n)

It’s typical Monday morning. The school girl already sitting at the bus stop when I reached. What’s with the long face, little girl? Something bothering you? Are you sad? Or you’re just not a morning person, just like me?

The bus is coming, I am standing just by the side. The bus door is almost in front of me once it stopped. All of the sudden, this girl cut pass through me and stood right in front. I was quite stunt with this. What’s with the rush? I mean other people also boarding the same bus and it will just a matter of seconds to wait for people to go in. Why is she so eagerly have to be the first one boarding the bus?

After that day, I noticed that that little girl always do the same thing when boarding the bus. She has to be the first one, she doesn’t care that she’s cutting right in front of other people. And once again, this small thing tickles me.

Why am I bother in the first place? She’s just a typical school girl who in the rush to go to school, isn’t she?
Or that’s what I thought.



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