Holiday trip – Krabi (4 of n)

Hello! I should really continue my Krabi trip story, huh? I’ve been distracted by the girl with the a pink bag these past few days

It’s Saturday, Day 2. As part of the package deal, we already had 4 islands hopping tour booked for us on that day. We woke up early and went for simple breakfast.


..breakfast with a view..


.. good morning!!! 🙂 ..

The tour started at 8.30 a.m where they picked us from our resort. There were 4 other couples in the same island hopping tour. I was so excited, I want to take as many pictures as I can. I prepared everything: the sunblocks, sunglasses, hat, and the most important thing: my camera! When we’re on the way to the pier, it’s still rather sunny but than half way through it started drizzling. So we started our journey under the greyish sky.


..greyish sky..


..the boat and its equipments..

So we’re off to the first island and took us around 30 minutes to reach the island. It was so beautiful! I am in love with the view, for real!


..forgot the island name, but look at the amazing view!..

So at our first island stop here, we did snorkeling. The water was so clear that we can see the fish right below the surface and there are lots of them! The water was warm! Unfortunately, it started raining heavily and we can feel the big waves of the ocean. I got a little seasick but it was fine after awhile. After at least 1 hour, we moved on towards the second island. On this second island, we played on the beach, had our lunch and just enjoying the wonderful view, again!

Image fine day, just us and the sea..

Image does look like I’m pushing that woman behind me right..

Thereafter, we moved on to the third island. Actually, we should go to the emerald cave. This place is one of the seven world wonders! But due to the big waves, the guide said we can’t go there because it wouldn’t be safe. So we have to skip it 😦 and went to the last island instead. I didn’t take any photos here because we went for another snorkeling session. And after awhile the sun is coming up again! Below are photos I took when we’re on the way back to the pier.



Anyway, that’s the end of the 4 islands hopping that day. By the time we reached the pier, we still have to wait for awhile before the car came to pick us up and sent us back to our resorts. During waiting time, of course I took some more pictures! You know, I can’t get enough of the view! Even the surrounding scenery of the pier just so beautiful!


.. I own the boat! 😉 ..


..happy day..


So that’s our second day! So much fun!! Next: third day journey 😉



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