The dark corner of my mind (2 of n)

I can’t breathe. Somebody help me, anybody! I am gasping for breath, sweating like mad. HELP!!!

I wake up on my bed, all sweaty and out of breath. It happened again. That dream. I got goosebumps all over my body. What happened there? No, the question should be: why, who and how?

I tried to forget it, but it marked in my mind like a tattoo. Clearly and scared the living soul out of me.

“Well, I like it! I think it’s interesting. Different, unusual. Great job!,” this woman looked at me. I was not even listening to the meeting. What did I say? I look at the proposal in front of me. It was my idea?

“I’m glad you like it. We can get started with the planning and everything,” I opened my mouth. I guess this really is my project, the one that I don’t remember.

Where is this place? It’s some office building, we’re on the 10th floors with a big window screen where you can see the city. It’s not a place that I recall, and yet it’s familiar.

The fact is everything here is familiar for some reason. Which is odd, it doesn’t look like the usual place I know. The building, the city, even the people. Where do I know that woman in the meeting? I know I know her, but who? I can’t seem to recall.

I think I just so stressed with work that I dream about working in one company for this one project. It’s really nothing. I’m thinking too much about it. Just brush it off, already. But that’s not it, it’s just the beginning.



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