Dear God….

If you can hear me this one time, I only wish for one thing: I want the old me back.

A girl with such shine in her eyes, full of dreams that no one can ruin it for her no matter what.

A girl with unshaken faith that things just about to get better and everything will fall into place perfectly.

A girl with so much hope for the future and can’t wait for what’s tomorrow bring.

A girl with happiness and joy to wake up everyday, just to start all the routine.

A girl with a genuine smile on her face, never change to frown.

A girl who doesn’t just believe in destiny, but have the strong motivation to make things happen for herself.

A girl who won’t give in to the situation, let alone let it control her life. It’s her life, nothing could mess it up without her permission.

I know she’s still in there somewhere. She’s never really gone, she’s just in hiding. Please help me find her, and I promise this time I’ll hold her dear.



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