School girl with a pink bag (n of n)

I haven’t seen the little girl for almost a week now. I hope everything ok. There is a reason I seem to care for her. She remind me of myself. Not 15-year-ago me, the now me.

I realised am also like her. I don’t know since when I become grumpy almost all the time, especially in the morning. My defence is always: I’m not a morning person. But now that I remember, I used to be different.

The old me is always very energised every morning. I feel excited to start my day, go to school, meet my friends and everything. I have no problem with waking up early. I used to it.

Now? I have trouble waking up early. I am happy to meet my friends but I don’t feel the excitement anymore, I just want the time to pass by. Everything just upside down.

The little girl have no smile in her face so early in the morning. She looks so troubled. And I see myself, I do the same thing. I feel so lazy and unmotivated to start my day which effectively erase my smile.

When did I become like this? Where did all the excitement, the energy I used to have everyday go? When did I become this unmotivated person? I want my old self back. I need her back.

Hey little girl, don’t be so sad and troubled. You’re so young! You should have fun! There’s still a lot of thing yet to discover. I know I am just like you now, but this is not me. Not really.

I give in to the situation. I let it take control of my emotion, my life. I shouldn’t have. Because no matter how bad things get, it’s up to us what we want to do about it. And how we face it.

I didn’t believe in destiny. I believed that we have the capability of making our own choices and that’s say a lot. Maybe it’s too late for me now to go back, but you little girl, you still can make a difference. You still have a lot of things coming your way. It won’t be all good, but it’ll get better.

Find that littlest thing to be your reason to wake up early in the morning. Something that makes you happy and excited to face the day. Something good despite all the other things bothering you. That one thing worth awhile to keep your smile.



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