What your hairdo say about you.

One morning I was walking to the bus pickup point where my company bus is. Suddenly I noticed this guy in front me. Why? Because he has a weird hairdo.
He has a long hair at the top to the mid head which he tied it to the back, but on the side and from mid head below it’s neatly shaved.

I really don’t get guy with out of the box hair-do. What were hey thinking? Just to make themselves standout and different? True it’ll definitely make some kind of distinction with others, but is it really the way to go?

I mean if you’re a public figure, maybe. Or if you’re teenager, maybe you still have that phase when you just want to experience something different, that make you standout and get out of the mainstream. But you’re not. And especially you’re working adult. Don’t you want to look somewhat professional?

Maybe it’s just me, if I have to choose between 2 guys to date, one with normal hairdo and other with hairdo that looks like from nowhere around, I’ll choose the first one every time. I rather date someone who look normal with his mainstream hair-do only to found out that he’s one of a kind underneath.

Be honest with me, if you see someone with a weird hairdo, the first thing comes to your mind is: what’s up with the hairdo? So weird. Very rarely we will think: that person must be interesting.

I know there’s a saying: don’t judge the book by its cover. But how many of us literally do it? Face it, we’re human with our subjective perception. We do consider appearances before what’s underneath.

As simple as buying books for example, we still look for the one with nice cover first, am I right? Or you select the books with ugly cover but only because you know the author, and their pretty good? I know I still do. So, Isn’t it also subjective?



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