Badly hectic Tuesday

Today is the most tiring day at the office! Not because the amount of paper work increasing, because I was so busy running qualification all day just to find out it failed. Busy for nothing!

Me and my team planned to do qualification study starting today and should be able to complete within 3 days. But I guess that’s just too good to be true 😦

First thing first, I forgot that I have training in the morning. So I told my team I can’t help in the morning. Everything should go smoothly so I have no worries. But then, the problem start kicking in:

1. We get the system later than we suppose to be.
The qualification we need to do is involving this 1 piece of equipment. In order to run any cycle we need to have initial run test on daily basis to ensure all cycles run on the same day are valid. System owner is the one that suppose to run the initial cycle and they said it themselves they will start at 8pm. Easier said than done, as always. They only start at 8.30am after enjoying their own sweet breakfast time! In the end we get the equipment for study rather later than planned.

2. Lots of shits happened during installation of equipment
Cause I’m having training, my colleagues running the study setup etc. again things should go smoothly, one could only hope. But no, shit must happened! After installation, we need to run another type of initial cycle to ensure after installation of equipment, the system can still run as intended. And it failed! One of my colleague forgot to install a small piece of thing in the set, which cost us 1 run. They called me for help and I was coming over to help sort things out. (Oh maybe I should tell you this first: we’re suppose to complete our study within 4 hour window, since system owner need to use the system for their routine operation on daily basis). After found out the problem, I was rushing to install back all the equipment and after adjustment, it passed the initial test.

3. Main failure (due to my stupidity!)
Main study cycle was ready to start after that. We started the run and wait for the result in 2.5 hours period. When we came back, we’re retrieving the report and found out that one of the result is failed. We’re removed all the equipment again and checked where could it gone wrong? You know what I found? I didn’t noticed that when I installed back all the equipment after adjustment from first failure, I slightly damaged a small part of the equipment which causing the failed result. I was so depressed after that. I mean, 8 hours of hectic days go to the drain!

Today was sooooooo unlucky! Bad day, Tuesday 😦

What I’ve learnt from this stupid thing is:
1. Although it’s your colleague and friend, don’t just trust them blindly! Always, always verify each other before jump to the next step.

2. Never rush to do anything. I won’t lead to anything good. Things might just got worst.

3. Double check everything is ok, before start doing anything just because your feeling tells you it’s ok.

4. The most important point is: never ever assume you in the right shape of mind to think sharp and do things perfectly when it’s been 2.5 month of sleepless night, thanks to insomnia. Your brain will practically prove otherwise.

That’s just my badly hectic Tuesday. Hope you had better.



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