Someone special

I just thinking: how can you tell whether you like someone? That he means something more than just close friend?

I am known to be blunt of knowing when guy is actually try to get close to me. Maybe it’s true. I mean, I believe man and woman can be just friend. No string attached, nothing sexual, nothing romantic. Pure friendship. Why not?

Why is it that people think, when guy is nice and close to this one woman, he has feeling for her? Romantic, of course. Can’t it be that they just have things in common? They just clicked and that’s why they become close friend?

I didn’t say they wouldn’t find each other attractive somewhere down the road and decided to try to change the term ‘friendship‘ to ‘relationship‘. Yes it could happens. But it’s a process, no?

My next question would be: where and when will you find this crossroad? That thin line separate ‘me and you‘ to ‘us‘. How do you decide that it’s time to cross it? What’s make you sure it’s time? What’s pushed you? What changed?

When you feel comfortable spending time with them and just ‘clicked’, does it mean it’s already start to be something more? Maybe you just didn’t realise it yet. Or, subconsciously, you deny it?

There’s quote:

    “A nonsense conversation makes sense when you’re talking with someone special”.

So, are you my someone special then?



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