Before my eyes

This morning me and my friends went for morning hike at nature reserve. We started at 8 a.m and done around 9.30 a.m. We do this every Sunday morning. After that we will go for breakfast together.

After the hike, we went for breakfast. On the way, we’re chitchatting about something. Until suddenly we’re shocked to see car accident right before our eyes. The blue sedan in front of our car or hit by this crazy person driving golden CRV that making a U-turn in such a high speed! The blue sedan was push aside and flipped sideways! We’re so shocked!

I immediately called the police to report the accident and my friend went out of the car to help. Some people around the area also approached the blue sedan and helped. It was a whole family in the car: mom, dad, granny and a baby! They got out of the cars and thankfully none of them are seriously injured. That asshole in golden CRV almost cost terrible damaged to a family!

And why it’s rather shocking to me and my friends is the fact that we’re really just a few steps behind the blue sedan. Just a little bit more, it would’ve been us that got hit by the crazy CRV.

You know they say during which something happens and threaten our well-being, your life will flash right before your eyes. It got me wonder, if I were in one of those moment (touch wood), what will I see?



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