I wonder where is the line defining whether or not something consider as selfish.

Recently that’s something bothering me. I was planning to continue my study. It’s been my dream for so long that I want to go study and live in Europe. It’s always been my goal. Something that determined what I am doing for my life, who I am.

Currently I’m working and I’m actually help my mom to support my sister for her study. It’s something I decided on my own because I want to help my mom. The context here is: HELP.

But something struck me badly. When I announced to my family that I was going to continue my study (which means I’ll quit my job for now), the response was beyond me. The response I get it: “But if you leave, what about mom and your sister? How can you just leave?”

And that response hit me hard. I am HELPING my mom here with doing what I’ve been doing for the past 2 years for y sister study. But apparently they have become my responsibility???!!! And it’s so SELFISH of me to want to continue study and do something for myself?!! Which by the way I’ve been put aside all this time! Seriously??!!!

Is there anything that we want to do for ourselves does NOT count as selfish?

Am I really being selfish?



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