Am I talkative?

So I have a tendencies to talk nonstop when I am stress or I feel uncomfortable, when I’m with my friends, when I meet new people. Ok, basically I will talk most of the time. Am I talkative? I let you be the judge of that.

I don’t like awkward silence, or silence in general. When I’m with my friends or anybody, I like to make a conversation. I mean that’s just logical isn’t it? And for some reason, so far I never run out of topics! I always have something in my mind that I want to share and get it out of my mind.

Funny thing is, people say I look like someone that very calm, don’t talk that much, a good girl. I’m not lying. There have been few occasions when I’m still studying, during the first few weeks of class, my teacher thought I was a quite person that will not make any problem. Boy, do they wrong.

One fine day, my teacher scolded some boys at my class. During which I just keep quite. Then my teacher said: “You should be like Inez (pointing to me), she’s not noisy and quite”. One of my friend directly said: “You don’t know, Sir. If Inez is quite, all of us here are mute!”

He’s exaggerating, but he’s not wrong either. Even during that time, I’m quite not because I’m listening to the teacher, I’m just thinking: “What’s for lunch? Can we fast forward to lunch time? I’m starving!”

My best friends will be the one opposing the first time somebody tell me I’m a quite person. What can I say? I love having conversation. And I always have something to say.

So yeah, maybe I am talkative. Try and stop me.



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