Kick in the arse

“When the world kick you in the ass, say thanks for pushing you forward”

I recently heard about this saying. Let’s see it objectively, shall we?

This saying is meant to be encouraging. So when you are in a shitty situation, instead of feeling down about it, you should see it in a positive way. Make that shitty thing your motivation. Something to help you pick yourself up, push you forward.

But what if its just purely a kick in a butt? No further explanation or justification or positive thinking. What if all it gives you is flat butt from the kicking? It’s a different story all together, isn’t it?

They say there must a be reason for everything happens in our lives. But then again, what is the reason? How can we be so sure that there’s an explanation about every shitty thing that happening in our lives? Karma? What if there’s no reason, no explanation whatsoever? It’s just a random cosmic situation that you get into that shitty situation? What if that kick in a butt doesn’t push you forward?

Cause sometimes, it’s just a kick in the butt. Painful and leaving a mark. Right there in your arse.



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