The dark corner of my mind (4 of n)

“Have you heard about what happened with one of the finalist of our event?”

This office building again. I know her, she’s my childhood friend, Raven. Are we working together?

“Yes, of course. It’s terrible, that’s what that is”, I started talking. What the hell happened? What finalist? And who?

“A lot of rumours floating around, suicide, other finalist took the event a little seriously, and all other things, crazy thing. But I think no one really knows what’s actually happened,” Raven said as we walk past a long corridor.

“Oh, I can tell you what actually happened,” I heard myself talking. Raven looking at me, stunned, “How do you know? According to the news, nobody was around when all this went down. No witnesses.” I look at her, acting all oblivious, “Let’s just say I have my ways.”

What the hell is going on?! All I know, hell is the exact word to explain all this.



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