The dark corner of my mind (5 of n)

“So tell me, what do you know?”, Raven looking somewhat ecstatic to hear everything.

“Okay, here it is. As you know, management came up with this idea of an event to salvage the bad rumour floating around about the company lately. I’m sure you heard about that. They want to create an event that make us look good, make them look good. It worked as plan until the top three finalist were selected.”

I listen to myself rambling. How on earth I know about this shit, when no one had no idea?? Anyway, I continued…

“I still don’t get the relation about all this event with the missing finalist,” Raven look at me, confused.

Patient, dear. You will know soon enough. That voice. That voice inside my head talking.

“Well, for the semi-final all finalist should come up with some kind of presentation about environmental problem we’re facing nowadays, how it happens, what’s the remedy and most importantly they have to convince the juries that the company are doing their best to make it happens,” I glance at Raven next to me who still listening intensely.

“I gotta say, this competition getting weirder and weirder by the minutes. I mean, seriously? Some cheesy competition boasting about environmentally friendly crap. Why would anybody want to join anyway?”. Raven’s shaking her head.

“Tell me about it. But when 1 million dollar at stake, I guess people will be tempted no matter how cheesy.”

I continued, “Anyway, the finalists started doing research for their presentation. Unfortunately, the missing finalist stepped on the wrong ground.”

Raven’s eyes widen and look at me deeply, “What do you mean?”.

“During his research, instead of finding something good the company had done, he found a big secret he shouldn’t have. Something terrible that could ruin everything. In short, he has to be silent,” I look at Raven calmly. I can tell she’s shaking, horror start to fill her eyes.

“What are you saying?? You mean someone did all his on purpose to keep him quiet?!” Raven half screaming.

Yes, dear. He had to be stopped or he will ruin everything. That voice! Oh dear god, what is going on?? And why I get this feeling that I’ve done something terrible?? What have I done??



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