Perfect time to say goodbye

In Random, Romance?, Unraveled on August 12, 2013 at 6:55 am

When you left,
Far away and never coming back,
I will make my peace with it,
Because I know you’re happy over there, forever,
Even without me.

I will understand what love is,
With everything we’ve been through,
I will make sure all the memories we shared stays,
I keep it dear in my heart.

Could I survive without you?

As the rain hugs me, when I saw you fade away,
This is the perfect time to say goodbye.

As the storm caress me, when I saw you looking back at me,
Your footprints whispered,
This is the perfect time to say goodbye.

I’ll never wish you coming back,
When you find your place there,
I’ll never wait for you to come back,
As I know you’d find happiness,
In the warmth of your peaceful blanket.

    Dedicated to my beloved Clay, who was once means the world to me. Even when I didn’t really know it then. Or too scared to admit it.

    The one who always believed in me, that I’m better than what I think I am.

    The one who always be there, in good and bad times, even though I kept pushing him away. He just, stayed.

    The one who brought me that small ray of light that happily ever after might be true after all.

    Happy birthday, Love. I know you’re happy now in heaven. I love you, always.



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