The dark corner of my mind (7 of n)

I woke up and everything looks a bit strapping. Where am I?

This room is strangely familiar, but I know this is NOT my room.

I got up and suddenly the scene change. I was all dressed up and I am on a train.

Weird, I know from where I live there’s no train ride and not this kind of train I use now.

Someone’s tapping my shoulder, “Hey, you’re earlier today! Excited about the bonus challenge, huh?”

It’s Raven. I smile and said, “Yes, pretty much! It will be interesting, more than you could imagine!”

I’m smirking. Why in the world do I smirk about? Is there something I know about the challenge?

It’s too early to tell. But, apparently it’s gonna be another looooooong day.



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