Line Games: Pokopang – The Moral Behind It

I’m down with flu and slight fever so I have nothing to do all day at home but lying on my bed trying to get as much rest as possible. Anyway, I keep playing this game, Pokopang, on my phone to kill time.


This is a simple puzzle game where to draw line and join the same color blocks  (at least 3 blocks) to get it explode to attack the monsters. In order to get the higher score, you can upgrade your attack powers, get maximum of 3 helping animals to tackle the monsters and some tools to help me explode as much color block as you can.


So anyway, when I am alone and bored, my unraveled mind starts to wonder. I got some insights about the moral behind this game! Yes, you got it right I can see some vague moral point from a game! That’s how random my mind can be apparently.

When you complete 1 short game, you’re collecting more and more cherries. You can use the cherries to buy helping animals, upgrade your attack power or buy some tools for you to use during the game. It got me thinking, you have to choose wisely!

1. Buying tools to help us get higher score

In this game, you can buy some tools like bomb (to explode all color block surrounds it), timer (extra time of course), rainbow painter (makes the same color blocks nicely line up), etc.

If you use your cherries to get tools to get help you get as much point as possible during the game. This is the same as in real life. You will try to get something to make your life easier, more convenient. In this game, it will cost you your cherries and sometimes until you don’t have enough cherries left to buy anything. In life, we also tend to spend our money for things we thought will be useful for us. But if we’re not careful we will end up “cherry-less“, spend all of our money. So we need to think wisely, when will will need to buy the tools to help us, which tools we need, which one most effective, and so on. And most importantly not to use up all the cherries we have.

And what I realised, sometimes even with the tools you’re not necessarily that higher score. You have to know exactly how to use the tools and when to use it. Or else, it’ll just cherries going down the drain.

2. Choosing helping animals

You can have maximum of 3 helping animals to help you tackle the monsters. You also using cherries you got to summon the helping animals. These animal carry their own attack power, and some of them has some additional powers like giving to extra bomb. So logically you will go for the animals that have highest attack power and as much as additional power as possible.

I summon almost all the animals available so it’s just a matter of which 3 of them I choose to help me during the game. Anyway, there’s this new animal for Halloween theme. It has the highest attack power compare to my existing animals, but this one don’t have additional power. But then I thought: “It has highest power though, it will give me higher score for sure if I use it!” So I changed 1 of the animal I used with this new one. I was playing for sometimes and then I realised I didn’t really get higher point! So maybe that additional power really important! So I changed back my animal with the previous one which has this additional power.

The moral of this is sometimes, it takes more than just strength, attack power. Sometimes you have to have something extra in your life. That additional power that will help you through.

3. One tool to get your friend’s animal to help you tackle the monster

In this game, there are friend points which you can use to buy a tool so that you can ask your friend’s animal to help you. The moral of this is rather straight forward, isn’t it? Sometimes, you need a helping hand. You can’t do it alone. You need someone to help you get through life, especially during hard times.

4. Lucky charm

Sometimes, during the game you get “Lucky”, it’s when suddenly your color blocks exploded and you got higher score, just like that. This applies in real life! Believe it or not, you need that little luck every once in a while. The unexpected but brings that happiness in you.

I think more than everything else, you have to have some strategy or moves in this games, choose which blocks to explode first so that you can get higher score.

So there you go! All you need is a little combination of strength, some things (or tools) that can make your life slightly better, a helping hand or friends, a little luck and of course your very own moves to know when do you need some tools, some helping hand, using your own strength or when you need a lucky charm.

I’m rambling…again!



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