The dark corner of my mind (8 of n)

What with this bonus challenge? How come I can’t recall anything about it.

Me and Raven is walking from the train station which apparently linked directly to our office building. This place is awfully familiar, but why on earth I can’t place it in my memories?

Raven looks so excited with the upcoming challange. She looked at me, “I mean I don’t know how you can come up with this idea for a game! I got to tell you, the first time I heard it I thought: ‘that’s crazy! Nobody will do that dangerous stunt!’ But you pulled through with the concept anyway AND the board agreed!”

I smiled, “Oh, don’t worry. Everything was planned as it should be. No need to worry about the details.” Raven looked at me with a puzzling look and then look at her watch, “Oh! We missed the opening. It should’ve started by now.”

Yes, the clock has started. No turning back now.
That voice! MY voice inside my head. What does it mean? No turning back from what exactly?! What have you done?!
No, dear. What have YOU done.

Just a second after that, me and Raven heard loud scream that broke off the peaceful afternoon.



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