People next to you

Sometimes you need someone to talk too
But the wall you put up is too high for them to really see you
Sometimes you need to hold on to something
Sometimes, you gotta talk quieter to see who’s listening
Sometimes u make a mistake to see who will fix it
Sometimes you need to let go
But sometimes its harder to decide which to do

We hide to be found
We walk away to see who will follow
We cry to see who will wipe away our tears
We let our hearts get broken to see who will fix them

A true friend accepts you as you are, never tries to change you
Someone you can always be yourself around, stands by your side ready to catch you when you fall

There are things that I don’t want to continue, but I’m afraid to end them
It’s just like I don’t want to expect anything, but I’m still willing to wait

I have to keep trying with you,
because the truth is,
whenever I see you smile,
it makes me forget whatever I’m saying,
whatever I’m thinking.



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