The dark corner of my mind (11 of n)

“Seriously how could this happened? All the equipment should be tested for safety before the challenge!!” Raven’s voice filled the entire room. We’re in one of the small meeting room to somewhat discuss the accident.

You think this is an ‘accident’??
That voice again.
Shut up, I don’t know anything about this and of course, I don’t believe anybody could do anything like this.
I hear laughter in my head.
Oh, that’s what you let yourself to believe! You and I know better than that, don’t we?
No, no, NO!! I know nothing about this madness!!
I don’t sound convincing at all. I even doubt myself.

“HEY, are you listening?!” Raven’s scream broke all my thoughts. “Yes, of course I am,” I answer try my best to sound more convincing. “Then tell me, how could this happened!!” Raven’s voice is higher than ever. I put a stunned expression on my face, “Why you’re asking me? You should ask Gill, he’s in charge to check all the equipment for safety.”

All eyes on me now, and Gill open his damn mouth, “No, I’m suppose to check all of them. But then YOU told me leave it all to you.”

That laughter again.
I told you. You can’t even convince yourself, how do you expect people to believe your words.
Shut up! I have nothing to do with this!
Just answer me this first: who else has the opportunity and a reason to do so? Are you 100% sure that you didn’t do this?
I don’t know what to say. Did I do this? Why?! A reason to do so? No way. I don’t even know that guy!
And then I saw her. That little girl just in front of the meeting room.



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