Long overdue travel diary to Central Java, Indonesia (1 of n)

Last year June 2012, I was travelling to Central Java to visit my best friend who’s living in Solo. I have so much fun with her and the journey is super exciting! But, for some reason I haven’t got a chance to write about it. So here is it, my long overdue travel diary to Central Java.

I was planning for 10 days trip with my best friend and we were discussing about going to Karimun Island at Java Sea, which supposedly beautiful and still rather secluded. I was so excited when the time comes, but stupid that I am, I forgot to bring my camera back then! My friend in the end managed to borrow a camera from her friend for our holiday. Problem solved! 😉

Anyway, I was travelling first to Solo, one of big city in Central Java. I was staying at my best friend place. On day 1, she brought me around the city, some of the tourists spot also. But, I tell you this: nothing beats the local food! Man, are they delicious AND cheap!! I practically gained weight after the trip.

Anyway, first day my best friend brought me to the local palace. Solo is governed by somewhat king during the old days, so there’s a palace built for him and the family. We have tour guide of the place that showed us around the palace and few stories about the governor’s.

ImageWith the palace guard 😀

ImageThis is the picture of the Sultan’s family..

The palace area which are open to public as museum that contains all the history related about the Sultan’s and Solo heritage.


A day in a museum

It’s wonderful how such a city have so much interesting story. This below picture is actually a carriage that used to carry the bride of the Sultan during wedding ceremony.


Do I look like the blushing bride?

I can’t really remember all the story the guide actually told us then, so let me just give you some pictures and a few stories which I can still remember. Below is the picture of a carriage they used during funeral of the late Sultan’s wife. They are 2 carriages together, which are rather identical, one for the wife and one for the late Sultan himself. They were only used once and after that they were kept in the museum. I gotta admit it’s rather creepy looking, isn’t it? My best friend actually don’t want to take picture of the carriage.



Carriage for funeral ceremony

Here’s another carriage of the Sultan’s. I don’t really remember what they’re use for. I think for daily transportation or maybe during the war? Man, forgive my bad memory. This carriage is really have a huge wheels at the back, and they all made of solid wood! Quite a woodcraft, huh?


Nice carriage!


Look at the wheels!

There’s so many interesting things I found in this museum, and it’s a bit surprising since I’m not really the type that dig history and stuff. Below is my picture with the nice 3D wall painting.. I love this picture ;D


 OH NO, they’re coming!

So not only the museum has a lots of nice painting, all the historical things, its also have diorama like one in my picture below. This diorama is also about war that happened long time ago between famous patriot (which again, I don’t remember the name >_<)



Always bring umbrella before it’s raining


Beware, I’m coming with the big weapon!

All in all, it’s a nice trip to the museum, see some heritage about your own country. And before we leave, I got to say goodbye with this fellow! 😉


Well, that’s Day 1. And I tell you it got even better with the Karimun Island trip!



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