The dark corner of my mind (12 of n)

Who’s that little girl?
Somehow my legs were moving on its own toward her. But every single step forward I took, she took one step back.
Do I know her? She’s so familiar.
Gill’s voice  brought me back to matter at hand, “Hello?! Are you listening?! so what’s your answer? Did you properly check the instrument?”

“I have no idea,” my voice sounded weird, like I was half choked. “Sorry, I really don’t.” I can see all eyes on me in disbelief. I looked at the door, that little girl started to walk away. Spontaneously I screamed,”Wait!! Don’t go!!”

I ran out of the room and tried to catch her. She’s already at another corner of the building. Why did I chase this girl? I honestly don’t know. But I somewhat feel it in my bones that she’s related to all this thing that happened. Don’t know how, I just do.

We left the building and running by the side road further away from the deadly scene. Till I reached this small alley way where I lost her. Wait a minute, I think I’ve been in this alley way before! How can it be, I never even been to this part of the city. It’s nowhere near my place.

I started to walk in the alley and saw big dumpster by the left side. As I passed it, I noticed big black plastic bag caught below the lid. I didn’t think too much of it until I saw a blood drop from that plastic. I can feel sudden chill creeping all over my body. I stepped back and then I saw a puddle of blood right behind the dumpster.
No! What the hell happened here?!
Next thing you know I heard little girl crying sound, I looked to my right and there she is at the end of the alley way and I heard soft sobbing voice, “No! Stop it! Pleeeasssee!!”

My head started to spin. That voice echoed inside my head. I can’t barely stand straight. And then, it happened. It all came back to me.
I know what happened here!