Long overdue travel diary to Central Java, Indonesia (3 of n)

I’m back! Let’s continue the journey, shall we? The next day, my friend bring me around town of Solo. So many good food there and they’re cheap!! I practically gained about 5kg just after the trip haha 😉 Anyway, before I actually went to Solo, me and my friends somewhat discussed what should we do. And she mentioned why not go to this island in Java called Karimun Jawa (Java) Island. It is a gorgeous island in Java sea, a little bit secluded but recently starting to develop for tourist to go there. Although, we talked about it, we didn’t really look into a tour and stuff.

So actually during our trip to Tawangmangu waterfall the day before, we started to discuss about this plan again whether we still want to go. I told my friend hell yeah! Might as well, right? So then, we tried to find tour agency which we can book for the Karimun Java trip. But unfortunately, they’re all fully booked! I guess we should’ve planned before hand. I didn’t realise that it was around school holiday, so a lot of people might go there too. However, I felt like being spontaneous and then we eventually decided to just still went ahead with the trip with a little bit of confidence that we can book a tour once we arrive there.

And so, that night we began our journey to Karimun Java. From Solo, we took a bus to Semarang,  city on the north coast of Java. It is the capital and largest city of the province of Central Java, at 11 p.m. Why so late? Because we need to catch another bus that will take us to small town Jepara at 4 a.m in the morning. We reached bus terminal at Semarang around 2 a.m and waited there for 2 hours for the second bus. To my surprise, the second bus was super crowded! I mean at 4 a.m in the morning!!! >_<

We reached Jepara bus terminal around 6 a.m in the morning, and from there we went to the pier by traditional transport, becak (cycle rickshaw), that look like this:

We reached the pier and bought the ticket for the ferry. Actually there’s also speedboat available, but it was fully booked. My first thought, the journey to cross to Karimun will only maybe 1-2 hours. You know what, to my surprise it took us 6 hours ferry ride!!! >_<

And, something great happened during the ferry ride. How initially we can’t get any tour for this trip because it fully booked, but my friend got message from one of the tour agency that kindly enough let us know that there were some spot left for the tour package with his friend! I mean what are the chances!! I guess we’re lucky girls 😉

After a long journey (we practically traveled for almost 15 hours), we reached the island around 3 p.m and the tour guide picked us up. This island sort of just developed in the past few years, so still not that many hotels or resorts. What the tour package includes is stay with the local’s houses. When we arrived, we put our stuff on the house and got freshen up a little bit after the long journey. After that the tour guide picked us up for a meal and then to see the sunset up the hill. The view was just gorgeous!



View from the top


Smile! We’re finally here! 


..Having a good time in the hut..

DSCN2573Swing set!

DSCN2598..and the sun is setting..

DSCN2602How amazing is the sunset!



That’s pretty much it for Day 1 at Karimun, since we arrive pretty late.. We got back to the house and the next morning we wanted to catch the sunrise. That’s a wrap for today, stay tuned for Day 2 onwards!



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