Long overdue travel diary to Central Java, Indonesia (5 of n)

HELLO! I know I should finish my story about my holiday, but I caught distracted with something else. My bad ><

So where were we? Day 2 in Karimun Java.. After the amazing sunrise, we were bound to do island hopping and snorkeling! Our tour guide picked us up and brought us to the dock, which by scooter only takes about 5 min.. During this island hopping, we joined some other people who also local tourist from Jakarta and Jogjakarta. We had to wait for sometimes when they preparing the boats and stuffs for us. It was a sunny day with beautiful blue sky. You know, I feel that somehow I don’t usually see the sky so blue, but here somehow it is 🙂 Here’s the view from the dock.



Blue sky bring smile to my face!

Finally, we’re off to the islands. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what are the name of the islands now that it’s been almost a year ago. But let’s just see the picture! First stop was snorkeling, there were few other boats nearby the area. It was just open sea, not really nearby any islands as far as I remember. Image

The water was so clear and blue! Nothing like I’ve ever seen before! It was super gorgeous! You can even see all the fish swimming near near the surface of the water and they’re many! According to the tour guide, people usually bring bread to be thrown at the fish for them to eat and that way they will come up. Super exciting! Although few months before this trip I went to Krabi and also do snorkeling, I found that this trip is much much better. The water, the fish, the weather. Heaven on earth, indeed!



Did you see the fish, happily swimming around me? 😀

We spent about 2 hours snorkeling in this area. I don’t have underwater camera, sadly. But the tour guide had them and he shared some of the pictures he took underwater with us. Yeay!!


Never seen so many fish in such a close contact! 


Not only the fish, we can also see the corals and even touch them! They are so lovely and colourful! Mother nature is really amazing. And as you see all this beauty even underwater, you can’t help but feel blessed 🙂


I almost got it!


It’s sunny but we’re super happy!



After snorkeling, we’re off the another island nearby. Photo time! 🙂


..Us, the sea and blue sky..

Only first stop but already super fun! For the next post, I promise I will cover the rest of Day 2 and Day 3 in one go. Sorry for the late and short story so far >< More to come! 🙂



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