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Day 219 – Friday Fictioneers

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So I stay.

The Green-Walled Tower

copyright Douglas M. MacIlroy copyright Douglas M. MacIlroy

Day 219

My iPad is a telescope, turned backwards: the world tiny, but terrifyingly clear. 

It’s a biology experiment, they say. But of course they wouldn’t tell me if it were psychological.

Most websites are blocked except CNN and BBC. Suspicious.

Horror constantly splashes across my screen. The sudden economic collapse and ensuing conflicts. The European epidemic killing millions. Famine, War, Pestilence.


I can leave this cave anytime. The blinking green button winks at me seductively.

I want to end this madness and go outside and see it was all just a test. But I’m afraid it’s not, so I stay.

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The dark corner of my mind (13 of n)

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I see myself in this familiar house. This is where it all happened.
I remember standing in the middle of the room heard him screaming, begging for help. “NO! NO! Please, don’t do this! Let me go!”

I just don’t listen to him, in my hand was a big steak knife. This is not good. “No one to help you here. Nobody will hear you! So stop with all the screaming! YOU deserve this!!”

My heart was telling me No, don’t do this. This is not the way. But my brain  and my body just didn’t listen. I got to do it, he must suffer! He must feel what I feel before! 

And it all happened, flashed back right before my eyes the scene of me start stabbing the knife 27 times right into his chest. Puddle of blood started to accumulate the floor, all red. The it all stopped, silence. No sound but the sound of blood drops dripping down the knife. I must regret this, it’s terrible, I must feel really bad! 

No, wait. All those feelings rushing back to me. It’s not regret, no remorse. Instead, I feel a rush of …victory. Nothing feels like it before.  Then, I see myself grinning, smiling with satisfaction.

Oh, god.


Long overdue travel diary to Central Java, Indonesia (6 of n)

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Okay, finally I promised I will finish my story about my trip to Karimun Java Island. So where were we?

So after snorkeling, we went to one of the small island nearby. Sorry I really couldn’t recall the name (>_<) Lesson for myself, next time really have to write my journey down, or start the blog earlier, no more procrastination! ;P

Anyway, the small island was so beautiful, the water was so clear that you can see the fish and also some green algae. It is heaven on earth. Majestic! Here’s the picture!



It’s so beautiful isn’t it?  When I see this, I feel all that long journey by buses and ferry was totally worth it! The sea and the blue sky just seems to merge in gradation over the horizon. We alighted from the boat and started to walk around the island , and taking loads of picture that I can’t share it all with you, but I share the picture we take in every corner of the island. We’re a bit of narcissist, I’ll tell you! 😉


“Perhaps it is too late. I want to run the beach’s length, because it never ends.” 






We lost track of time over there, just enjoying the view, the beach, the sands on our feet and to spend it with bestfriend, it’s just wonderful! From this island we hopped again to another island nearby to eat and relax before going back to the mainland to catch the sunset by the pier. They have delicious coconut drinks!




“I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach.”

When we got back to the mainland, we went back to our live-in house to shower first. But we took a little too much time that we missed the sunset by the pier when we walked back there. But, we still got some nice pics of the evening.

   DSCN2891 DSCN2897 DSCN2907

To wrap up the day, we went for dinner in the so-called “town centre” where there’s a big football field, where at night they have people gather around to have dinner (fresh seafood dishes) and just chitchatting. The seafood was so good AND cheap! We ordered 1 lobster and 1 octopus (there were quite big!). It was a great day! We got back to the house and rest for the next day.

Day 3 was pretty relax, we went for snorkeling and island hopping again. It was a sunny day, which I must admit I hate though I love the beach and the sea, but sun just not my buddy. Oh, I might forgot to mentioned, during this trip we met a group of people from Jakarta that also on holiday. We joined together during island hopping and stuff under the same tour package. I love to travel and meet new people, although also for 2 days we got to know each other quite well and keep in contact till know. Great, isn’t it? How strangers meet in a cross path and become friends thereafter? 🙂 Anyway, here’s some of the snapshot we took when snorkeling in few spots, wandering around the islands (for lunch), jumped in water with sharks and finally we managed to catch the sunset!





Snorkel under the sea!



We met this sweet little girl who is the small snack shop in the island, she even wanted to take picture with us. She said she wants to learn how to speak English so that she can talk to the tourist that come to the island. One of our tour group friend told her some simple conversational sentences and brought her to talked to tourist couple there. She’s a bit shy at first, but then she really talked to them! So cute 🙂

IMG_2842 (2)This is our little tour group. Crazy and super fun people, haha!

DSCN3020 DSCN3035 DSCN3037 DSCN3050

Pinky sky


This little boy posed in front of us when he saw us with camera, super cute!


The hill of LOVE 

Day 3 is a wrapped! The next day was time for us to go back to Solo, again with the almost-15-hour journey by ferry and buses. I was having an amazing time in Karimun Java island, it is so beautiful! Super recommended for your travel destination, I believe you can actually arrange for better transportation so the travel time not as crazy. In my case, we’re did not make any plans and just a spontaneous trip we did! That’s Karimun Java for you, but wait!

My holiday was not done yet! After went back to Solo, the next day (my second last day for this holiday), we went to Jogjakarta! So, to be continued… 😉


Frozen time

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There were all sorts of dead shellfish at the sea, weren’t they?
This one shone the brightest.

I thought prevolously: I’m glad that I came here. Do you ever wonder why it is that people are born at all?

I do think that from the moment we’re born, we have a drive to keep looking for something to give our lives meaning.
If you don’t say what you want to, you may never get the chance again.

I didn’t even give the sea more than  a passing glance. I was only looking at you.

In front of me he was always smiling and I’ve been the one to show the pain on my face. You don’t have to smile anymore.

I want to keep you close to my heart, I want to make you happy, I was always watching you.

Now I know why you were always smiling and I know the meaning of your existence. The morning of the second day, I saw the sea for the first time in my life.

You’re the one who made my frozen time to start moving again.