Frozen time

There were all sorts of dead shellfish at the sea, weren’t they?
This one shone the brightest.

I thought prevolously: I’m glad that I came here. Do you ever wonder why it is that people are born at all?

I do think that from the moment we’re born, we have a drive to keep looking for something to give our lives meaning.
If you don’t say what you want to, you may never get the chance again.

I didn’t even give the sea more than  a passing glance. I was only looking at you.

In front of me he was always smiling and I’ve been the one to show the pain on my face. You don’t have to smile anymore.

I want to keep you close to my heart, I want to make you happy, I was always watching you.

Now I know why you were always smiling and I know the meaning of your existence. The morning of the second day, I saw the sea for the first time in my life.

You’re the one who made my frozen time to start moving again.



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