Ready for the real world (?)

Say we figure out how to lower the global temperature and find away to safely break down all the plastic we’ve dumped, all the toxins we’ve unleashed.

Maybe we find a way to bring population growth down to a sustainable level and resurrect species we’ve killed off. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?
Wouldn’t that be just peachy?

And if that’s the case, our little group, we become nothing but happy fools. That’s Plan A for humanity.

We’re launching Plan B. We’re the ones who love life so much that we have to pass it on. What is to come is a beautiful age, a heroic age.

The impending dystopia you talk about only looks like dystopia to those of us who’ve lived surrounded by privilege. To everybody else it’s called history. I need to be here for those people. They’re my people. I belong to them.

And then he left?


And now you’re here.

Are we finished? Is it time? 

Yes. Are you ready to see what the real world looks like now?

Yes. Show me.

– Blueprints of the Afterlife
By Ryan Boudinot

Seriously a perfect ending to this amazing book. When I first picked it up I never thought it would be this good! Great reading indeed!



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