The dark corner of my mind (n of n)

I am standing still for few seconds.
Unable to move, not even to breathe.
What just happened? How did it happen? What have I done?!
Puddle of fresh blood touch my shoes. His body is not moving in front of my eyes. I looked at my hand. A knife?
It can’t be.

Then suddenly the scene’s changed. Somehow I’m at the office building where the challenge was. But it’s different. Where’s everybody? What happened to the person who fell down?
I realised that I’m holding the rope used for the challenge and a scissor.
I started cutting the rope, not all the way but just enough to make it fragile if someone used it for climbing.
I remember telling Gill that I will take care of the rope for the challenge. Is THIS what I meant by “take care”of it?!

No! It can’t be!! I didn’t do all of this!!
Oh, but yes you did…
That voice again.. No… What have I done..

Right then, I saw the little girl again. This time, she’s sitting in the corner of the room, crying. Why does she cry? She somehow knows something about all this.
Or maybe, all this is just part of my dream. Weird, twisted and creepy dream, but a dream nonetheless.
You wish, wouldn’t you?
“SHUT UP! Stop messing with my head!!” I screamed as loud as I can. Like it would work.
The little girl looked up at me and started crying even more hysterically and screamed, “NO! Stop it, pleaseee!! She’s gonna get hurt!! STOP!!”

Suddenly all went black.

Next thing I know, I woke up sweating on my own bed.
It was just a dream. A freaky nightmare. That’s all.

Then I looked at my hands, and it still red with fresh blood…
Oh no…

The End.



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