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Day 219 – Friday Fictioneers

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So I stay.

The Green-Walled Tower

copyright Douglas M. MacIlroy copyright Douglas M. MacIlroy

Day 219

My iPad is a telescope, turned backwards: the world tiny, but terrifyingly clear. 

It’s a biology experiment, they say. But of course they wouldn’t tell me if it were psychological.

Most websites are blocked except CNN and BBC. Suspicious.

Horror constantly splashes across my screen. The sudden economic collapse and ensuing conflicts. The European epidemic killing millions. Famine, War, Pestilence.


I can leave this cave anytime. The blinking green button winks at me seductively.

I want to end this madness and go outside and see it was all just a test. But I’m afraid it’s not, so I stay.

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Come what may

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I feel the cold
Loneliness unfold from another world
Come what may
I won’t fade away
but I know I might change


My first trip this year!

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I’m going on holiday!! This time I’m taking 9 days Thailand East island hopping tour starting at Koh Samui.

Super excited! I need to get away from all the routines anyway! I promise this time I will write about my journey promptly!

Well, later! 😀


My thoughts

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I thought a thought that I thought I had thought, but the thought that I had thought was not the thought that I had thought that I had thought

Confused? Me too.


People next to you

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Sometimes you need someone to talk too
But the wall you put up is too high for them to really see you
Sometimes you need to hold on to something
Sometimes, you gotta talk quieter to see who’s listening
Sometimes u make a mistake to see who will fix it
Sometimes you need to let go
But sometimes its harder to decide which to do

We hide to be found
We walk away to see who will follow
We cry to see who will wipe away our tears
We let our hearts get broken to see who will fix them

A true friend accepts you as you are, never tries to change you
Someone you can always be yourself around, stands by your side ready to catch you when you fall

There are things that I don’t want to continue, but I’m afraid to end them
It’s just like I don’t want to expect anything, but I’m still willing to wait

I have to keep trying with you,
because the truth is,
whenever I see you smile,
it makes me forget whatever I’m saying,
whatever I’m thinking.


Silver lining

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Today’s encouragement:

God loves you enough to never give you something somebody else’s suppose to have.

Feel secure, feel confident. Live, enjoy and embrace. It’s your blessing, your opportunities, your situations, your timings, your moments.

I just heard those words this morning and somehow it really picks up my morning.  It’s just what I needed to hear!

For the past months or maybe years, I feel like I’ve been in doubts with everything in life. So many problems, so many unanswered question, so many wonder that makes me question whether God’s listening. Or of he’s even there in the first place.

And this morning I heard this mazing message that totally affirms all my faith and erase my doubts. Everything that happening in my life and around me is planned perfectly by God for me own happiness eventually.

Although I can’t really feel it now, but I do believe that God will never give us something that out of our ability and strength. and more often than not, it’s his way of assuring you that he’s around.

Coincidence is God’s way to remain anonymous.

Have a great day, people!


Happy Valentine’s!

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On this Valentine’s Day,  allow me you miss you even more than I do every single day.

I always regret that you never heard me saying those three words for you directly. It was so stupid of me. I’ve been through stuffs that making me sceptical practically about everything, including love.

Although you showed me day by day that that’s not the case, not with us. I’m too stubborn and afraid to listen. Yet you never tired of convincing me, loving me.

I still remember those surprises you made then. The dinners, the chocolates, the bouquets. The tulips you purposely sent, although you knew it would’ve died in a few days. Black colour, just my favourite.

I hated myself that I never gave you anything special back on this day. Even more that now I missed that chance ever. So now on this day, allow me to just say that I love you, so much. You were the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. Somehow I believe you can still hear me. I believe you never really leave me. Happy Valentine’s, love.

“You were my best friend as well as my lover, and I did not know which side of you I enjoyed the most. I treasured each side, just as I have treasured our life together. ”

P.S: Happy Valentine’s, everyone! Let’s spread the love! 😉


Listening to We Need a Little Christmas (Glee Cast Version) by Glee Cast

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🎶 For I’ve grown a little leaner, grown a little colder, grown a little older. And I need a little angel sitting on my shoulder, I need a little christmas now 🎶

Listening to We Need a Little Christmas (Glee Cast Version) by Glee Cast

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9 memorable, manic moments of jealousy in literature

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When jealousy strike.

TED Blog

“When we feel jealous, we tell ourselves a story. We tell ourselves a story about other people’s lives,” says Parul Sehgal[ted_talkteaser id=1852], an editor for The New York Times Book Review, in her TED Talk, a poetic meditation on an oft-resented emotion. “These stories make us feel terrible because they are designed to make us feel terrible. As the teller of the tale and the audience, we know just what details to include to dig that knife in. Jealousy makes us all amateur novelists.”

Indeed, jealousy turns us all into the weavers of emotionally grim tales. But as a life-long scholar of both jealousy and literature, I’d have to agree with Sehgal that the most jealous characters are often the most interesting. Here are my 9 most memorable moments in literature where characters act mad in the name of jealousy:

1. Marcel Proust, Remembrance of Things Past

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Am I talkative?

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So I have a tendencies to talk nonstop when I am stress or I feel uncomfortable, when I’m with my friends, when I meet new people. Ok, basically I will talk most of the time. Am I talkative? I let you be the judge of that.

I don’t like awkward silence, or silence in general. When I’m with my friends or anybody, I like to make a conversation. I mean that’s just logical isn’t it? And for some reason, so far I never run out of topics! I always have something in my mind that I want to share and get it out of my mind.

Funny thing is, people say I look like someone that very calm, don’t talk that much, a good girl. I’m not lying. There have been few occasions when I’m still studying, during the first few weeks of class, my teacher thought I was a quite person that will not make any problem. Boy, do they wrong.

One fine day, my teacher scolded some boys at my class. During which I just keep quite. Then my teacher said: “You should be like Inez (pointing to me), she’s not noisy and quite”. One of my friend directly said: “You don’t know, Sir. If Inez is quite, all of us here are mute!”

He’s exaggerating, but he’s not wrong either. Even during that time, I’m quite not because I’m listening to the teacher, I’m just thinking: “What’s for lunch? Can we fast forward to lunch time? I’m starving!”

My best friends will be the one opposing the first time somebody tell me I’m a quite person. What can I say? I love having conversation. And I always have something to say.

So yeah, maybe I am talkative. Try and stop me.